Sonia Sanchez and Odean Pope, DUET!

Most of my videos are about visual artists but through the influence of my partner Nancy I have developed a real love for jazz.  I recently made a movie about a fundraiser at the Rosenfeld Gallery for a group in Germantown called Neighbohood Interfaith Movement NIM. At this fund raiser, three great artists, who happen to be African American, were present. The art on the walls was by the wonderful Earl “E.B.” Lewis.  But there was an amazing live performance that night as well.

Sonia Sanchez, Philadelphia’s poet laureate, reads a moving poem about encountering her brother, who came to New York at 17 in a green suit. Accompanying her is Philadelphia jazz legend Odean Pope who plays Round Midnight on his tenor sax.

The sound setup was not ideal, Sonia’s voice , in my opinion, should have been amplified, but I think you will hear well enough this powerful poem. And no one can top Odean Pope for soulful saxaphone!