Scott Noel, Master of Realist Painting

My friend the artist Scott Noel just recently took down his magnificent show of still lives, cityscapes, portraits, and nudes from the Gross McCleaf Gallery. It was a very ambitious exhibition, including some monumentally sized paintings. Expanding the Convention Center measures 72″ by 148″. Winter to Spring on the Parkway is 80″ by 264″. But it is not just the scale that marks the ambition of these works. The painterly quality and the mythic overtones that Scott so lovingly creates set him in the highest rank of contemporary realist artists. He truly is a poet who happens to work with paint.

Scott is a very articulate professor at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He talked to me at length and in this film he reveals his ideas about painting, mythology, eroticism, and the beauty of the world.

Scott Noel, Master of Realist Painting