Philadelphia Artist Video Series

Welcome to my new blog about a passion I have had since 2007. That is when I began making a series of videos about visual artists with a connection to the city of Philadelphia. As of today, I have made about 136 of these profiles.

A number of these videos were at the behest of a wonderful man named Richard Rosenfeld who runs one of the best art galleries in Philadelphia. He has been very encouraging to me and I am very grateful to him for his support.

Richard Rosenfeld

It was actually thanks to an artist friend of mine that I got into making videos. His name is Fred Danziger and he is a wonderful artist. He made a movie and uploaded it to youtube. I was amazed! He told me that all PC’s came with a free program called Windows Moviemaker and that it was easy to figure out. My first movies were made with a Canon Powershot and Windows  Moviemaker.

Here is a movie I made a while back about my friend Fred. (I made this movie before I was fully formed as a filmmaker, not that I am fully formed now, but I have learned a bit since I made this one, so pardon the camera shake et alia…)

As time went on, I switched to a Mac, Final Cut Express, and much better equipment.

The variety of styles of art that is made by these artists will astound you. Please visit my Youtube channel and check out my playlist for Philadelphia Artist Profiles.