I am not a religious person but I do think that there is something about the creative life that is, for back of a better word, divine.

The artists that I have profiled are all so dedicated to their pursuits of meaning and beauty that it has been truly inspiring to me to get to know them.

I have learned from them not just about art, but also about life. Many of these artists are struggling financially and yet continue to put in countless hours in the studio.

For years I have been a student of the Roman Stoic philosopher Epictetus. His Enchiridion has been of great help to me over the years in its advice for living. But I have found that many artists are stoical by nature.

Here are some videos I made about a few artists whose examples and messages were particularly meaningful to me. They are wonderful people.

Pat Witt has been making art and teaching for decades and is still going strong.

John Whitney has been my best friend for years and in many ways my guide to life.

Larry Francis is a great painter and a great person.

Earl Lewis has a mission to help children reach their potential.

Murray Dessner is a great abstract artist with an appreciation for his wonderful life.

Randall Exon experienced a disaster as a child and went on to be one of America’s best figurative artists.


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