Sunday Night emails!

My output of these video profiles of artists connected to Philadelphia has been somewhat prolific. Over the past 5 years, I have obsessively collected email addresses of people who may be interested in watching my films.

When I have a new film online, I will send out emails to all those on my list. This often occurs on a Sunday night, and in fact, tonight I will be sending links to three new films.

Chris Feiro is a remarkable painter and draughtsman who works in a closely observed realist style. In my film about him, 2 other prominent Philadelphia realists, Scott Noel and Jeffrey Reed, talk about Chris and his work.

Jimmy Clark makes ceramic pots and one of the wonderful things he does is to integrate found pottery shards into his work, which adds a feeling of time and history.

Laura Pritchard creates extremely imaginative and whimsical images not with paint, but with the process of batik. Her work features people and animals and an invented language!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Night emails!

  1. All three of these films are wonderful! I loved that you had Scott Noel give his point of view on Chris Feiro’ s film! They have a similar vision.
    The Jimmy Clark film was oh so inspiring! He is a real Zen type ceramicist! His work is very special!
    Laura Pritchard, everything about her work was filled with wonder and imagination! Painting on silk; such a sensitive support and the hidden language in it held a fantastic narrative! I simply loved her and her work! Of course John, the music is always perfect! You are such a great filmmaker! I look forward to these films! You are my favorite Memory Maker! Thank You for this year in films!

    • Thanky ou so very much Catherine! You are so sweet to me!

      This thing is pretty amazing. Eventually, I will have to pay for more space, but the technology is incredible, the way the programmers are making iteasy for the world to blog! Guttenburg would be proud!!!

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